How To Read My Girlfriend’s Whatsapp Messages Without Her Knowing?

How To Read My Girlfriend's Whatsapp Messages Without Her Knowing?

How To Read My Girlfriend’s Whatsapp Messages Without Her Knowing?

If you are suspicious of your girlfriend’s relationship, it is important to check her WhatsApp messages to see what she has been up to. For example, you might be concerned that she’s chatting with another man behind you.

Fortunately, there are many ways to read your girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages without her knowing. In this article, we’ll go over 4 of the best apps that can help you do just that.


mSpy is a mobile spy app that lets you track any mobile device without the owner knowing about it. It’s a great option for those looking to keep tabs on their loved ones’ activities.

It has many features allow you to monitor the target phone’s activities, including call logs and instant messaging. It also lets you check the phone’s location and data usage.

However, it does require physical access to the phone and a good internet connection. In addition, it can’t work if the target device is out of service or has a roaming plan. You’ll also need to know the iCloud credentials of the device.

In addition to tracking phone calls, mSpy can monitor SMS and instant messaging conversations. It can also show you the date, time, and names of the user’s deleted messages.

Moreover, you can set incoming call blocking for specific contacts and numbers. This way, you can ensure your child isn’t wasting time and money on shady phone calls.

You can also block an unauthorized user from connecting to the targeted phone’s Wi-Fi network. It’s particularly useful for business users since this feature can help prevent sensitive company information from being leaked to an unsecured public network.

Another great feature of mSpy is its ability to track the contents of a target phone’s Notepad. It can scan the notes, sift through them, and alert you of suspicious text messages.

It can also track the target device’s GPS location and report its current location every two minutes or when specified intervals are met. This is especially helpful if you’re monitoring a device that uses mobile data and needs frequent updates on data usage.

mSpy has an excellent customer support team who are always willing to answer your questions. They’re available on the mSpy website or via live chat and are also open to emails. In addition, they have dedicated email addresses for sales, technical support, billing, press and media inquiries, and affiliate program questions.



EyeZy is a unique spy app that boasts features not found in most of its competitors. For instance, it installs and syncs data over a local Wi-Fi network — something that’s not easily done on other devices. Everything you can track with EyeZy gets uploaded to your account in real-time and can be monitored from any computer connected to the same network.

Besides tracking text messages, calls, and activities on different apps, EyeZy also lets you monitor photos and videos. It also allows you to block websites, which is a great feature to have when you want to keep your kids safe online.

Another unique feature is the keystroke capture feature, which records every keystroke on the target device. This makes it easy to identify what your target is searching for and what apps they use. This feature is especially useful for parents who worry about their children’s online activity.

It also offers keyword alerts, letting you know when your target uses words you don’t want them to be typing. For example, you’ll get an alert if they’re using pornography-related words.

The software works anonymously, so your target won’t know you’re monitoring their activity. It also has a “hide” feature that allows you to hide the software so your target won’t be able to find out it’s there.

You can also use the “File Finder” feature to check for photos, videos, notes, contacts, and any other files your target might have on their phone. It’s a good way to check if your child is sharing personal information with anyone else or if they haven’t deleted their photos or other sensitive data.

As with most spy programs, you must pay for a subscription. You can choose a monthly or annual plan, and the cost varies depending on how much you want to use it.

You’ll need to link your account to the device you’re trying to monitor, which can be iOS or Android. You can do this using iCloud or a jailbroken device, but you’ll have to take extra steps to ensure the monitored device’s security.

KidsGuard Pro Android Monitor:

KidsGuard Pro is a great app allowing you to monitor your girlfriend’s WhatsApp chats without her knowing. It’s very easy to use and works with Android and iOS devices. It can also track phone calls, GPS locations, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

The first step is to purchase a plan on the official product website and create an account using your email address. Once you’ve done this, you can download the program to the device you want to spy on.

Once installed on the target device, KidsGuard Pro will send user data to your online account occasionally. You can view this information from any computer or mobile device.

Another feature that makes this app worth trying is the ability to monitor Wi-Fi connections. It will provide you with information such as the connection’s name, the start time, the end time, and the duration of the connection. It even allows you to see the connection’s location on Google Maps.

Besides this, it’s also possible to record calls and take screenshots remotely. This way, you can learn exactly what your girlfriend is up to in real-time.

This app is 100% invisible and doesn’t require root access, so you can be sure that the target device’s owner won’t detect it. It’s also very easy to install and use, so you can be confident it’ll work flawlessly.

The program also offers many other features, such as enabling call recording and activating the smartphone’s camera and remote control. Moreover, it also lets you read text messages and other types of data.

To use this program, you only need an internet browser and a cell phone or PC to access the dashboard. From there, you can check a series of metrics on application usage and the device on which the program is installed. It also lets you test its different functions, such as how to remotely control the smartphone and how to record it in real-time. Lastly, it also lets you know where your child has gone and what they’re doing by viewing the GPS location of their phone and WhatsApp chats.

GBWhatsApp Mod:

GBWhatsApp Mod:

GBWhatsApp Mod is a modded version of WhatsApp that offers additional features and customization options not found in the official app. It includes enhanced messaging capabilities, Anti-Bana and DND modes, and many others.

Besides offering all these amazing features, GBWhatsApp Mod has numerous privacy options that can help you keep your conversations private. For example, it lets you hide your online status, last seen timestamp, and profile picture from specific contacts or groups and encrypt your chats to ensure that only you and the person you’re chatting with can read them.

Furthermore, GBWhatsApp allows you to schedule messages delivered at a certain time or date. This is helpful if you want to remember important dates, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

In addition to these great features, GBWhatsApp comes with multiple privacy options, making it one of the best alternatives to the official WhatsApp app. For example, it lets you freeze your last seen timestamp, increase the file upload limit, and more.

The GBWhatsApp app also comes with numerous customization options that can help you change the look and feel of your conversations. It also has a built-in app lock feature that lets you password-protect individual chats or the entire app, which is useful if you don’t want other people to access your private messages.

Another amazing feature of GBWhatsApp is that it allows you to send up to 90 images and 30MB of videos simultaneously. This is a huge advantage over the official WhatsApp app, which only allows you to share up to 10 images and 16MB of videos at a time.

In addition, GBWhatsApp lets you customize the look of your conversation by changing the theme. It also includes a large library of themes to choose from. It is also compatible with most devices, including Android phones and tablets. It can even be used on dual accounts. Finally, GB WhatsApp has an excellent reputation among users and is considered the best-modded version of WhatsApp.

Invading someone’s privacy seriously violates their personal space and could cause irreparable harm to the relationship.

Trust is a vital component of any healthy relationship, and if you feel the need to resort to spying on your partner, it suggests that there are underlying issues that need to be addressed. If you’re concerned about your girlfriend’s behavior or suspect she may be hiding something from you, the best action is to communicate with her directly and express your concerns.

Respectful communication and honesty are the foundations of a healthy relationship, and it’s important to maintain them even when addressing difficult topics. If you’re having trouble expressing your concerns, consider seeking the help of a therapist or counselor who can provide guidance and support.

Remember, relationships are built on trust and mutual respect, and violating your girlfriend’s privacy can have serious consequences. Therefore, it’s important to approach any concerns you may have with an open mind and a willingness to work together to find a solution that works for both of you.


How to see deleted messages?

Open the Recycle bin by tapping the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen. Verify the text messages you deleted. Long touch the message you want to recover. Check the same box in your primary inbox after selecting Restore at the bottom.

How can you read messages on WhatsApp without them knowing?

For Android and iPhone, it is the authorised method for reading WhatsApp messages while they are offline. The sender will never be aware that you have read any message if you disable the Last Seen and WhatsApp Read Receipts options.

Can someone read my WhatsApp messages on another phone?

Please be aware that WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption and stores messages locally on your smartphone, so that previous conversations cannot be read by someone accessing your account from a different device. Sign in to WhatsApp using your phone number, and then confirm it by providing the six-digit SMS verification code.

How to track someone on WhatsApp?

Alternatively, if you recently opened WhatsApp, you can go to your phone’s Settings > Apps & notifications > WhatsApp > Permissions > turn on Location. Start a private or public chat. Choose Share live location under Attach > Location.

What is the difference between read and seen in WhatsApp?

Although the recipient’s phone or other connected devices have received your message, they have not yet viewed it. Read or Viewed The recipient has seen your image, heard your voice, or watched your video. Although they have heard your voicemail, they haven’t yet played it.


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