How To Read A Lululemon Size Dot?

How To Read A Lululemon Size Dot?

How To Read A Lululemon Size Dot?

If you’re new to Lululemon or have been a fan for a while, you may wonder how to read a size dot. This article will teach you how to read a size dot and make an informed decision when shopping for lulu gear.

A lululemon size dot is usually found in pockets or on rip tags. This is a great way to tell if the product you’re buying is authentic!

Size Dots On The OutsideSize Dots On The Outside

Lululemon makes it much easier to find your size using size dots, a small circular marking indicating the garment’s size. It may be found outside a product, such as a bra or a jacket, or inside, such as in a pocket.

The circular marker can be found on the inside of most bras and tank tops with built-in bras and in a mesh pocket on the outside of most outerwear or jackets. Unlike those products, Swiftly and other seamless items do not have a size dot.

It’s also worth noting that there was a time when Lululemon decided to get fancy and create a small circular mark using laser technology. Still, it was more likely to be hidden in a product’s waistband than outside. This technology has been re-introduced to the product lineup since and can be found on most of the newer styles.

The best part about the small circular mark is that it can be re-attached to other items to make them even easier to identify your size. Educators will be happy to help you do just that! If you have a question about your new lululemon purchase, contact them by emailing the customer service team.

Size Dots On The Inside

When shopping for Lululemon gear, it’s important to understand how to read the size dot. This circular mark with the size and a code can help you find your perfect pair of leggings.

The dots are typically located inside the gear but can also be sewn into the fabric. These are often found on bras, tank tops with built-in bras, and jackets.

For pants, you’ll see the size dot on the left front waistband pocket (i.e., Wunder Under, Inspire crop, Align Pants) or in the back of the pant pockets on older styles like Jet Set Crop and Departure pants.

In other products, including Swiftly and seamless gear, you’ll find the size dot knit into the fabric instead of placed on the outside. This can make it difficult to find the exact size of a particular product.

There was a production year where Lululemon didn’t include the size dot on their clothing, but they’ve since used them on all their pieces. Unfortunately, the dots typically have more zeros than letters, but you can still tell how old the piece is by looking at them.

If the size dot is on a tag, it’s important to check that it matches the color of the garment. This is especially true regarding stripes, as they can be tricky to match up with the size dot on the label.

Authentic size dots are usually white and have the size number printed. However, they will vary depending on the release date of the garment.

For older garments, you’ll find a smaller size dot that is only a small white dot with the size number printed on it. Newer ones are a little larger and have more information on them, such as a release date or style name.

The size dot will also have the country wrote in it, which will be capitalized if it’s from the U.S. or lowercase if it’s from another country.

You’ll also notice that the tag is a different color than the fabric. This is because authentic tags are usually matte, while fake tags are shiny.

Size Dots On The Rip Tag

The size dot on the rip tag is a very important part of determining whether a piece of Lululemon apparel is authentic. Not only do these tags provide essential information about the item, but they can also give you a good idea of how much use the item has received.

The rip tag of a Lululemon piece can be found on the bottom of pants or tops. Ideally, these tags are printed and have an embroidered logo. They should also have no spelling errors or random capitalization.

If the rip tag on a pair of pants or tops is sewn onto the fabric, this could be a sign that it’s a fake. Authentic Lulu tags have a rough texture and resemble paper. Fake rip tags, on the other hand, look shiny and silky.

Some fakes even come with a plastic film over the size dot, which is not true for authentic pieces. Moreover, authentic size dots are small white dots that contain the size number, whereas fakes have larger dots with more info – release date, for example.

Another way to tell if your rip tag is authentic is to look at the font. An actual lululemon tag will always have the same font throughout. It should have no spelling errors, and all countries should be capitalized (unless written with a lowercase c, like China).

Finally, if you notice the rip tag is faded or has stains, this might be a sign that the item is not in the best condition. It’s also a good indicator that the item is used, as rip tags on second-hand clothing are typically worn and wrinkled.

Another good indicator of a fake piece is if the size dot has been cut off or is missing altogether. This can be a big red flag, especially if it is an expensive Lulu item. It might also indicate that the piece is made of cheap materials and has been stretched to fit over time.

Size Dots On The Outside

Size Dots On The Outside

If you’re buying a second-hand Lulu piece, knowing how to read the size dot is important. This way, you can ensure that your purchase is authentic and worth the money.

Most Lulu gear will have a size dot sewn into the fabric. The size dot is typically hidden in the pants’ left pocket or the inside waistband of a sports bra. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

Generally speaking, the size dot will have a small white dot with the size number printed on it. It may or may not contain a product code, release date, or other information. The newer ones will contain more information than older versions, so looking closely at these tags is a good idea.

It’s also possible that a lulu piece has no size dot but is still authentic. This is often the case with men’s gear, especially pants. It can be difficult to spot a fake pair of pants with a size dot in the front pocket, but you can always check the back pockets.

If you can’t find the lulu size dot in either of these areas, it’s likely a fake. Sometimes, a fake piece will have a plastic film over the size dot. This is a common trick scammers use to fool customers into thinking they’re purchasing an authentic item.

Another sign that a piece is fake is when the lulu logo differs from what you’re used to seeing. For example, if it’s elongated, less circular, lacks reflective quality, or seems a little off overall, it’s probably not an authentic lulu logo.

Fake items will also usually have a print number on them that’s wrong, too. These numbers aren’t found on real Lulu pieces and can easily be confused with the size dot.

It’s also important to note that fake Lulu clothing is often sold on sites like AliExpress and Amazon. These sites aren’t known for selling authentic pieces, so it’s best to avoid them if possible. In addition, most fake pieces are not made in responsible factories that comply with worker safety and sustainability regulations.

Lululemon size dots can be found on the inside of the garment and can provide important information about the product’s size, style, and fabric.

Here’s A Guide On How To Read Lululemon-Size Dots:

Look for the size number:

The size number is the most important information on the size dot. It will be listed as a number, such as 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. This number represents the size of the garment according to Lululemon’s sizing chart.

Check for the style code:

The style code is a combination of letters and numbers that can help identify the style of the product. It will be listed as a series of letters and numbers, such as W5ABGS or 04B092. This code can be helpful if you are trying to find a specific style or want to look up more information about the product online.

Look for the fabric code:

The fabric code is a series of letters representing the fabric used in the garment. This information can be useful if you prefer certain types of fabrics or are trying to determine the best way to care for the garment. Some common fabric codes used by Lululemon include Lululemon’s signature Luon fabric (L), Luxtreme (LUX), and Nulu (NU).

Check for other details:

Depending on the product, other details may be listed on the size dot. This could include information about the color or design of the garment, as well as any special features or technologies that it may have.

It’s important to note that Lululemon’s sizing can vary slightly depending on the style and fabric of the product, so it’s always a good idea to try on a product before making a purchase. Additionally, if you have any questions about Lululemon’s sizing or products, their customer service team can help.


How do I know my Lululemon size dot?

The size dot will be found in the key/card pocket at the hip on the waistband for most Luon or Nulu goods. Align Pants and Wunder Under Pants are included in this. The size dot is typically found in the back pocket of more technical fabrics (such as Luxtreme and Nulux), which may or may not have a zipper closure.

What is the Lululemon size dot?

The little waistband pocket on Wunder Unders and pretty much all Lululemon trousers with flat waistbands has a size dot that can be used to hold a credit card or gels. There is a size dot on the front’s little waistband pocket.

How do I know what size Lululemon to get?

Bottoms from Lululemon normally fit true to size. Nonetheless, some people have claimed that a specific fabric or style made their bottoms run larger. You can typically get Lululemon bottoms in your true size and anticipate a respectable, if not flawless fit.

How do Lululemon sizes work?

Even if you have a small band size and a larger cup size, Lululemon sports bras typically run a little small, so we advise buying a larger size for a more comfortable fit. You could continue wearing your genuine Lululemon size if you prefer a more compressive fit.

Is Lululemon size chart accurate?

Nevertheless, Lulu’s size charts typically correspond to actual body measurements pretty well, and the majority of customers report a close to perfect fit. You can accurately determine your size thanks to the different size charts for bras, tops, shorts, socks, pants, outerwear, underwear, skirts, and swimwear.

Where is the Lululemon logo on leggings?

It hangs most frequently on the left side of genuine Lululemon clothing. You can see it in the following places on every piece of Lulu clothing


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