Article Format CBSE Class 12

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Article Format CBSE Class 12

Article writing is an essential ability that students must learn in CBSE Class 12, as it greatly affects how they perform academically. By writing articles, students can share their ideas and opinions about various subjects and demonstrate their ability to present arguments in a structured and consistent way. However, writing an article can be an intimidating job, particularly for those who are not familiar with the style.

The format of an article used for CBSE Class 12 English follows a certain structure that is as follows:

  1. Title or Heading: The title or heading should be pertinent and appealing title or heading that accurately describes the contents of the text.
  2. Introduction: The introduction should give an overview of the subject and draw the reader’s attention. It should present the principal concept of the essay and establish the tone for the remainder of the article.
  3. Background Information: This section may be included based on the subject matter of the article. It will give additional context and details pertinent to the subject.
  4. The Body: The article’s body should be split into several paragraphs, each of which should address specific aspects of the subject. Each paragraph should include a concise and clear subject sentence that introduces the central idea of that paragraph. The paragraphs must be logically structured and flow seamlessly from one to the next.
  5. Examples and evidence: The inclusion of examples and evidence can be helpful in proving the main arguments and ideas that are discussed in the piece. This section should contain relevant and reliable examples and evidence that is properly and cited.
  6. Conclusion: The conclusion should be a summary of the main arguments and ideas that are presented in the essay. It should also offer an opinion or final thought about the subject.
  7. References: If the article contains any references, these must be properly cited following the format that is prescribed.

Article writing is vital in writing assignments in the CBSE Class 12 English syllabus. It’s a kind of writing that allows students to communicate their ideas and thoughts effectively. In addition, articles are frequently published in magazines, newspapers, and websites, providing details, analysis, and analysis on a broad range of subjects.

Importance Of Article Writing In CBSE Class 12

Article writing plays a crucial part in developing communication skills with students. It assists students in expressing their ideas and thoughts concisely and clearly. In addition, article writing increases students’ vocabulary, grammar, and writing abilities. It’s also a good method of increasing general awareness and understanding of current events.

This CBSE Class 12 English syllabus stresses the importance of article writing, as it assists students in being prepared for competitive exams and other future endeavors.

Understanding The CBSE Article Writing Format

Requirements Of CBSE Article Writing Format

The CBSE Article Writing Format requires students to adhere to certain writing guidelines. For example, the article must be written officially, and the information should be accurate and informative. In addition, the language used must be easy and simple to comprehend.

Articles must have a proper title or heading and should be followed by a byline and a short introduction to the subject. The body of the article must include relevant information, analyses, as well as arguments that are supported with examples. Finally, the article should end with an overview and conclusion outlining the key aspects discussed.

Structure Of CBSE Article Writing Format

This CBSE Article Writing Format has the standard format students must adhere to. It has an introduction, the major body part, and an end.

The introduction should outline the subject and draw the reader’s attention. The essay’s body should comprise paragraphs that go into depth about the subject. Each paragraph should contain an unambiguous and concise subject sentence and a supporting paragraph. Finally, the conclusion should highlight the key aspects of the article and conclude with an idea or opinion.

Format For Writing An Effective Article:

Choose A Topic:

The first step to writing an article is choosing an appropriate subject. Pick a topic that interests you and which is appropriate to the audience you are writing for. It is also crucial to ensure sufficient details on the topic to create a thorough article.

Write A Catchy Title:

The title of your article should be concise and catchy. It should give readers an idea of what your article is about and entice them to read more. Avoid boring or generic titles.


In the introduction, you will write the very first paragraph of your article. It should be informative and engaging. It must provide the reader with an understanding of the piece. The introduction should also contain an introduction that summarizes the primary idea of the piece.


The content of your article must be organized and informative. Subheadings can help break up your article into smaller parts and ensure that each section flows smoothly. Use examples and evidence to back your argument and make your writing more convincing.

Follow Word Count Requirements:

You must adhere to the word count guidelines set forth by your instructor or exam board. Your essay should not be too short or too long.

Examples Of Article Topics For CBSE Class 12:

  • The importance of physical Fitness: The advantages of fitness and methods to sustain an active lifestyle.
  • Cybersecurity: Indicating the dangers of cyber-attacks and offering guidelines for keeping yourself secure online.
  • Climate Change: Examining the impact of climate change on the planet and methods to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Gender Equality: Discuss the necessity of gender equality and strategies to encourage gender equality in society.
  • Mind Health Awareness: The vitality of good mental health and offering suggestions to ensure the best mental state.

Tips For Effective Article Writing In CBSE Class 12

Research And Planning

Before you write an article, it is crucial to thoroughly research the subject and collect relevant details. It is also important to organize your essay by creating an outline and arranging your thoughts so your article flows logically.

Choosing A Topic

The selection of a topic that is suitable is an essential element of writing an article. Pick a topic that interests you and that you are knowledgeable about. Choosing an area that is pertinent, current, and appealing to the audience you intend to reach is crucial.

Writing Techniques

Effective article writing is about using proper writing methods, such as simple, clear words, concise language, and avoiding complicated vocabulary or jargon, and keeping an official tone.

Step-By-Step Guide For Writing A CBSE Class 12 Article

Understanding The Topic

The first step when writing the article you want to comprehend the subject matter in depth. Conduct some research, gather pertinent details, and then create your list of key issues you intend to write about.

Creating An Outline

After you’ve gathered the details on the subject, Make an outline that will help you organize your thoughts and ideas. The outline should have an introduction, the main part, and a conclusion.

Drafting And Revising The Article

After drafting an outline:

  1. Begin writing the text.
  2. Keep a formal tone, utilize easy and concise language, and concentrate on providing pertinent details.
  3. Once you’ve finished the initial draft, revise it to ensure it aligns with The CBSE article writing format.

Key Elements Of A CBSE Class 12 Article

When you write a CBSE Class 12 article, it is essential to consider the fundamental factors that compose the perfect article. The elements are:

Title And Introduction

The title of your article and the introduction are key elements that establish an atmosphere for the remainder of your piece. Your chosen title should be engaging and relevant to the topic you are writing about. Your introduction should give an overview of your article’s topics and entice readers to continue reading.

Body Of The Article

The content of your piece must be well-structured and organized. Subheadings can help break down your text into digestible segments. Utilize relevant quotes, statistics, and examples to prove your argument and make your piece more interesting.

Conclusion And Call To Action

Your conclusion should summarise your key points and leave readers with an understanding of the topic. Call to Action (CTA) will inspire people to act following the reading of your piece, for example, by taking a stand or visiting the website.

Common Mistakes To Avoid In The CBSE Class 12 Article Writing

When you write a CBSE Class 12 article, a few common errors must be avoided. The most common mistakes are:

Structural Errors

The most common structural errors are not adhering to the format required and not using appropriate subheadings or having a clear intro and conclusion.

Grammar And Punctuation

Incorrect punctuation and grammar could make your text difficult to read and take away from the message. Therefore, checking your work for errors and using correct punctuation and grammar is important.


Plagiarism is a serious crime and could result in an unfavorable grade. Ensure you correctly identify your sources and then utilize your own words to communicate your thoughts.

Examples Of Well-Written CBSE Class 12 Articles

Writing examples from well-written CBSE Class, 12 articles can inspire you to write your own. Some examples include:

Examples Of Articles And Annotations

Articles that have been annotated will provide a better understanding of the elements that make an article successful. Annotations can help identify important elements like introductions, subheadings, and CTAs.

Analysis Of Effective Articles

Examining successful articles will help you comprehend the factors that work and why. Determine what is engaging about the article and how the writer uses words, examples, and data to prove their point.


What is the arrangement for composing an article for CBSE Class 12 tests?

An introduction that sets the tone and gives a preview of the article’s main points is typically included in the format for articles written for CBSE Class 12 exams. The body should be well-organized and divided into sections or paragraphs that each discuss a particular facet of the subject. The article ought to come to a close with a summary or conclusion that brings everything together and prompts the reader to reflect on it.

For CBSE Class 12 examinations, what specific elements should an article include?

An article for CBSE Class 12 exams should have a byline, which typically includes the author’s name and any relevant credentials, in addition to the title, introduction, body, and conclusion. A dateline, which indicates when and where the article was written, may also be included. Additionally, a well-known citation style, such as MLA or APA, should be used to properly cite sources.

For CBSE Class 12 exams, how should I approach the introduction of an article?

The presentation ought to be drawing in and eye catching, and ought to provide the peruser with an unmistakable thought of what’s going on with the article. A question or statement that piques the reader’s curiosity, a brief summary of the subject, or a hook or anecdote are all examples of this. A thesis statement or main idea that provides a preview of the article’s content should also be included in the introduction.

For CBSE Class 12 exams, how should the body of an article be structured?

The body ought to be well-organized and clearly divided into sections or paragraphs that each discuss a particular facet of the subject. A clear topic sentence should introduce the main idea in each section, and supporting details or evidence should support the main points. Transitions should be used to connect various sections, and the body should flow logically and smoothly.

For CBSE Class 12 exams, how should I end an article?

The article’s main points should be summarized in the conclusion, and the reader should be left with a final thought or a call to action. It might likewise incorporate any ramifications or ends that can be drawn from the subject, as well as ideas for additional examination or investigation. The reader should get a sense of closure and everything should be connected in the end.

How can I write an article of high quality for CBSE Class 12 exams?

Doing extensive research, utilizing trustworthy sources, and avoiding plagiarism are some of the guidelines for writing an article of high quality. Before you start writing, it’s important to organize your thoughts and ideas and edit and proofread your article carefully for errors. Last but not least, try to write in a way that is appropriate for your audience and subject matter, is clear, concise, and engaging.


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